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Revamped building built by academic knowhow

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Local refurbishment company NRC Services Ltd acted as principle contractor to help make the vision a reality converting the cramped warren of offices and corridors into an open office space for the school executive functions with break-out areas, a new business suite and ideas lab.

Professor If Price, one of the academics behind the new-look centre, said: "We are absolutely certain that we have delivered a smaller space that can accommodate a wider range of business needs. It sets the benchmark for the University and its competitors to follow."

Facilities management academics at Sheffield Hallam University are more used to advising outside organisations about how to re-imagine their workspaces - but they have played an integral part in the revamp of their own business engagement centre.

The TSK Business Engagement Centre, which opened for staff at Sheffield Business School this week is the result of a revamp of existing office space spearheaded by the Centre for Facilities Management Development (CFMD).

Contracts Director - Richard Lyne said:-

It is refreshing to have a relationship with a client that is as hell bent on delivering a job as we are. It was great to feel part of a team focused on the end result rather than being battered and bruised during the job which creates ill feeling and sometimes a bad job for all parties because of it.This was a challenging project but it gave NRC a chance to show SHU what we can do!Once again thanks to FD for the time and effort they put into this to make this project come together to ensure we delivered a high quality project with many outstanding features that NRC are so proud to be associated with.

We look forward with relish to the next challenge the FD SHU set us.