Since April 2013, all primary health care providers will need to be registered with the Care Quality Commission and their premises will have to meet a number of ‘Essential Standards of Quality and Safety.

The standards relate to the 28 regulations contained in the legislation governing this area. When they carry out audits to check compliance with the essential standards, they tend to focus on one or more of the 16 that most directly relate to the quality and safety of care. Providers must have evidence that they meet these requirements. Cleanliness and infection control being one of these.

NRC Services specialise in medical / surgical department cleans including operating theatre suites, isolation rooms, prep rooms and antiseptic rooms. Our highly trained, multi skilled technicians and management teams are fully experienced in working in these important areas to achieve the highest standards of environmental cleanliness necessary to meet infection control bacterial measurements test and hygiene criteria.

NRC Services are able to:

1) Work to a programmed schedule or an ad-hoc cleaning basis.
2) Change schedules and work round nursing staff requirements.
3) Clinically wash down after a refurbishment to hand back to your client.
4) Provide a quarterly / 6 monthly / annual deep clean wash down.All NRC technicians have been DBS Checked to work in vulnerable areas. All completed work is fully documented to show these areas have been clinically cleaned.